Learn How To Airbrush DVD


I have been helping others learn how to use their airbrush for over twelve years now both on the Internet and in person thru private lessons. This first video, DVD will help you learn the essential skills needed for airbrushing, custom painting any surface. And I do mean any surface because this is where it all starts no matter what it is you want to airbrush, custom paint. The first in the Airbrush Technique video, DVD series is 48 minutes in length. It's actually three video's in one the first part if this video covers airbrush equipment, supply basic's. You will learn about the different types of airbrushes, gravity feed, siphon feed, dual action and which type of airbrushing each is best used for.


The second part covers airbrush cleaning and maintenance in detail. Airbrush cleaning with simple and easy to follow directions dealing with cleaning your airbrush after use. I will show you in detail how to take your airbrush apart and put it back together.


The third part will cover airbrush basic lessons in detail giving you all the information you'll need to know and practice no matter what is it is you want to airbrush. Motorcycles, helmets, illustrations, fine art, finger nails, body art, batting helmets, motorcycle helmets etc.


If you have a question or problem after viewing this DVD you can e-mail me at airbrushmag@gmail.com for help No other airbrush instructional video, DVD even comes close to this type of support.


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Below is a short clip from the DVD with pictures from the DVD below that.