Learn How To Airbrush Free Lessons



Learn How to Airbrush with our FREE airbrush lessons, step by step articles and tutorials you can down load. Free basic airbrush lessons walk you thru getting started in the wonderful world of airbrushing. No matter what you want to airbrush you'll need to learn these basic airbrush lessons. 


Sponsored by Airbrush Technique Magazine providing FREE airbrush lessons in downloadable PDF format.

While our sister site howtoairbrush.com is HTML based lessons I designed this web site for those folks using tables and smart phones. 


Start out with our GET ORGANIZIED PDF which will explain how to set up a binder to keep your PDF's in for easy reference. It's my learn to airbrush system which I hope you'll find helpful.


Down load a couple airbrush lesson PDF's practice those than come back and down load a few more. 


Once you have your binder step up startworking your way down the PDF lesson list going thru all the airbrush lesson PDF's. We will start out with the equipement you'll need and work our way thru all the basic lessons you'll need to learn how to airbrush.


What you'll need: double action airbrush, practice paper,airbrush compressor, airbrush holder, one bottle of black Golden airbrush colors or other airbrush ready illustration type paint.


Please stop back often as we will add new lessons as often as possible.

I hope you find this site, airbrush lessons helpful.

Don Johnson

Airbrush Artist